What is Audis in the Park?

The first ever Audis in the Park (Aitp1) took place, in Wicksteed Park in Kettering, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in August 2009. After months of planning and promoting on the various Audi related forums, around 200 cars made it to the first ever event. Which for a first event was amazing, especially as it was supposed to be a one off event, just to see if the market even required an Audi event.

The buzz and euphoria that followed the show was incredible and more and more people were practically begging the creator to do it again! After much deliberation, the show returned in 2010 and the attendance figures doubled! This rapid growth has continued year on year and Audis in the Park is now widely recognized as quite simply “The Worlds Biggest Audi event”

From such humble beginnings, to what it is today, it’s hard to believe just how much the event has grown and evolved into the MUST attend event for thousands of Audi owners and enthusiasts from all across the UK and Europe.

The popularity and following of Audis in the Park continues to grow beyond the wildest dreams of the creator and the show will return for its 12th year on August 8th 2021.

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The Team behind Aitp!

Audis in the Park doesn't just happen overnight! It is months and months of planning, preparation and organization. It is late nights and early mornings.
Every volunteer (YES! Volunteer) you see in this picture plays an important part in ensuring the show runs as smoothly and as problem free as possible.
Not one person is more important than the next, everyone has a role to play and everyone always plays their part with professionalism, enthusiasm and most importantly..........a smile.

Image courtesy of Glenn Rowswell - Performance Audi Magazine

Official Entry Photographers

Our good friends over at Motorsport in Focus, will once again be on hand to capture you as you enter the event field.
Photos can be purchased on the day from the Motorsport in Focus stand or by visiting their website on www.motorsportinfocus.co.uk

Images from previous Aitp events